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Benetti Oasis Deck, un nuovo standard nel mondo dei Superyacht

benetti oasis deck un nuovo standard nel mondo dei superyacht

OASIS DECK™ è il nome della nuova soluzione offerta da Benetti, basata sullo straordinario successo dell’Oasis 40M e ora presente sui nuovi modelli Oasis 34M, B.Now 50M e 66M. Con un mix unico e inedito di cinque imprescindibili caratteristiche, OASIS DECK™ rappresenta la brillante proposta di Benetti per tutti quegli armatori di superyacht che puntano a lunghe permanenze a bordo a stretto contatto con il mare, confermando così il ruolo del brand come precursore e leader nell’ambito dello yacht design. 


OASIS DECK™ is the name of a new solution offered by Benetti which, based on the extraordinary success of the Oasis 40M, is now featured on new models of the Oasis 34m and B.Now 50M and 66M. With a unique combination of five key features, OASIS DECK™ represents the brilliant proposal, presented by Benetti, to superyacht Owners who dream for long stays onboard in authentic contact with the sea, thus confirming the brand’s role as a pioneer and design leader. 

A brand-new OASIS LIFE is born! 





- Opening wings, extending the deck close to water but safe from the waves 


- A magnificent pool integrated in a flush deck close to the sea and within the social area 


- An unobstructed 270-degree view off the stern, even from the saloon 


- A mixture of sun and shade to let guests enjoy the deck at every time of day 


- Social design weaves the entire deck into a vast convivial OASIS, from the main saloon to the sea 



Based on a specific design request issued in 2017, Benetti launched a 40M yacht last September for the next generation. Having recognized the early signs of a growing trend, driven by a new generation of superyacht Owners who wish for a less formal lifestyle, authentically marine-based and blissfully social, Benetti wanted to create something which could go beyond the traditional beach areas, that usually tend to be obstructed by walls and ceilings, thus offering the perfect yacht to set anchor in a bay and immerse into the marine environment. Of the six renowned design studios to submit proposals back in 2017, it was RWD who realized Benetti’s vision and took it even further. The Oasis 40M concept introduced a revolutionary combination of five aft-deck features, so distinctive that the terms “beach club” and “beach area” no longer apply. 


The partnership, long-known for anticipating trends and proposing revolutionary solutions, produced the all-new OASIS DECK™. Even Owners of larger yachts are expressing their fascination with the OASIS concept, proving that the new relationship with the sea and the lifestyle that comes with it are much more significant than a single successful yacht. Benetti and RWD have created the blueprint for OASIS LIFE, which is now rapidly spreading in recognition and adoption throughout the industry. 


In the wake of the first model’s success, Benetti quickly returned to the studio to collaborate with RWD on a younger sister to expand the Oasis family. The OASIS 34M, smaller and with a completely different engineering package, still offers the same now-famous five features of the OASIS DECK™, even preserving the side-loading tender garage. The Bonetti/Kozerski firm from New York which created the interiors of the 40M, distinguishes the 34M from her big sister with a sportier and more youthful interior theme, a fresh look for the elegant and lofty open-concept spaces onboard. The owner may also choose a less traditional layout, with formal dining in the Upper Deck Skylounge and a more relaxed Main Deck, furnished with sofas, a TV area and a bar forward. 


Bringing the five features of the OASIS DECK™ down to 34M was a considerable design challenge; on the other hand, moving up to 50M offered a design playground. The B.NOW 50M can now be ordered with an OASIS DECK™, which takes full advantage of the larger canvas. It is a perfect fit for the 50M, even further elaborated into new features: a large shaded American Bar and a wellness area for fitness and spa on the lower deck, which can also serve as a dedicated Adventure Room, with dive racks, kayaks and other equipment. 


The OASIS DECK™ has also been adapted into the new B.NOW 66M OASIS, the ultimate expression of OASIS LIFE and flagship of the OASIS family. As you board the yacht and walk across the platform, you are immediately in contact with the whole space, which includes the huge swimming pool, the extensive fixed sun pads, the full complement of social seating, the upper terrace, the exterior dining and bar, and even the main saloon with an internal cocktail bar. Nearly 50% of the Main Deck is dedicated to the OASIS LIFE. 


Azimut|Benetti Group CEO Marco Valle commented, “During these last months, the models including the OASIS DECK™ have become a reference to meet the needs of a growing segment, and the concept is so strong that owners of much larger superyachts are fascinated. So far we have already sold 14 Oasis 40M, 3 Oasis 34M, presold before the official presentation of the project, and 6 B.Now 50M with the OASIS DECK™. The philosophy of the OASIS LIFE goes beyond the line of products and has been adopted throughout the industry. The secret to our success is anticipating trends and interpreting hidden desires, while finding the perfect partners for production and design, forging collaborations that go the distance. It is easy to imagine a future, where, for a growing number of superyacht owners, the essential onboard spaces will include the Sun Deck, Upper Deck, Bridge Deck and the OASIS DECK™.” 





Founded in 1873 and acquired by Paolo Vitelli in 1985, Benetti - the oldest Italian shipyard specialized in luxury yachts and an icon of timeless style and construction excellence - is the Azimut Benetti Group brand dedicated to the construction of composite displacement and semi-displacement yachts from 30 meters up and steel superyachts from 50 meters to over 100 meters. Benetti operates out of the company’s Livorno production unit, Viareggio headquarters and corporate offices in Fort Lauderdale, Dubai, Hong Kong and London.

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